• Single Fusion Splicer

Single Fiber Fusion Splicer MW5200

1. Core to core alignment PAS technology, digital CMOS, the clear real image of fiber core was shown on the screen.
2. Same grade of motor driver as Fujikura.
3. Two high sensitive 1280x960 pixel cameras, 5.7" 640x480 resolution colourful LCD
4. Anti-drop performance: We pass the 73cm height drop test. It's unique in China made fusion splicers.
5. Battery capacity: 8800mAh, 200 times of fusion and heating
6. Battery power display: both on the screen and the machine body back
7. Typical fusion time: real 7-8 seconds
8. Heating time: 24 seconds in Summer & 30 seconds in Winter
9. The average fusion loss: 0.015dB

Applicable fiber typeSM(Single Mode),MM(Multi Mode),DS(Dispersion Shift),NZDS(Non Zero Dispersion Shift)
Diameter of cladding80 -150um
Diameter of coating160 - 900um
Typical fusion lossSM 0.02dB,MM 0.01dB,NZDS 0.03dB, EZ-Bend 0.04dB
Return lossBetter than 60dB
Cutting length10~16mm(Diameter of coating < 250µm);16mm(Diameter of coating 250~1000µm)
Fusion program40 groups
Operate modeManual,Automatic
Typical fusion time8 seconds
Heating time26 seconds for 60mm、40mm length heat shrinkable sleeve
Magnification300 times for X|Y single display,150 times for XY double display
Photoelectric systemTwo high sensitive cameras,5.7’640×480 pixel colourful LCD
Fusion data recordStore 4000 groups fusion record
Loss evaluationAvailable
Pull testing1.8~2.2N
InterfaceGUI menu interface,easy manipulation
Battery capacity8800mAh,200 times of fusion and heating,hot plug,real-time power monitor
Power supplyAdaptor,input:AC 100-240V(50/60HZ),output:DC 11~13.5V
Electric pole lifetimeMore than 3000 times fusion,user can replace pole conveniently
External portUSB2.0 port,used to derive fusion record data ,software upgrade
Operate environmentAltitude;0~5000m;Relative humidity:0~95%;Temperature:-10℃~+50℃;Wind speed:max 15m/s
Volume/Weight160mm(L)×150mm(W)×145mm(H) / 2.6kg