• MW6410 OTDR

MW6410 Hand-held Palm OTDR

Hand-held Optical Time Domain Reflectometer of MW6410 Series is a newly hand-held and intelligent communication measuring device in accordance with the test of Optical fiber and Communication System. The product is used to measure the parameters like optical fibers, length of the optical fiber, loss, following quality and the like. It can quickly and accurately position the case point and fault point of the optical fiber link. It can be widely used in the engineering construction, route maintenance and urgent repair of the Optical fiber and Communication System. It can also be used in optical fiber and optical cable development as well as production measurement. The product can effectively do help to the installation and construction of the optical fiber network, the following speedy and effective maintenance and the troubleshooting test.

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* The novel and beautiful structural design of the appearance.
* The most convenient operation mode in the industry is as simple as available.
* ultra-short event dead zone can test the wire jumper of the optical fiber.
* High-power visible laser fault location function is equipped inside.
* USB interface can transfer the documents and make the report forms fast.
* Universal light output interface which is easy to be replaced enables a variety of interface tests.
* The working duration of more than 8 hours enables long-time field construction.
* Multiple choices of wavelengths and dynamic ranges best meet the requirement of the users.
* It can test the circuit with light and give an alarm, avoiding existence of the equipment whose signal light is damaged in the optical fiber tested.
* Highly intelligent analytical software can accurately recognize the melting point of the fault. The junctor may bend.