Compact Fusion Splicer MW6000

1. Core to core alignment PAS technology, digital CMOS, the clear real image of fiber core was shown on the screen.
2. Same grade of motor driver as Fujikura.
3. Two high sensitive 1280x960 pixel cameras, 4.3" 480x280 resolution corlorful LCD.
4. Anti-drop performance: We pass the 73cm height drop test. It's unique in China made fusion splicers.
5. Battery capacity: 5800mAh, 180 times of fusion and heating
6. Battery power display: both on the screen and the machine body back
7. Typical fusion time: real 7-8 seconds
8. Heating time: 24 seconds in Summer & 30 seconds in Winter
9. The average fusion loss: 0.015dB